Rila Lakes hut in winter

Rila Lakes hut

That's the newer hut in the Rila lakes region. It's not exactly by the lakes, but allows for good off-piste skiing in winter.

Icy Lake below the Musala peak

The Icy Lake in November

The frozen Icy Lake by the Everest shelter on the way up to the Musala peak in November.

View towards Lopushki peak in November

Lopushki peak (2698 m)

Meteorological station at Ovnarsko


Currently the bungalows in the Ovnarsko complex are not in use and dilapidated. Only the one housing a meteorologist on duty still allows shelter.

High pasture in Rila

Horses above the clouds

Towards Malyovitsa peak (2729 m)

Approaching Musala peak from the south

Beli Iskar dam

Central Rila

Central Rila reserve

Towards Otovishki vrah

Climbing Otovitsa (2697 m)

The shelter by the Icy Lake

The Everest shelter

Below Kabul peak in Rila

Horses in Rila

The Kalin peaks at sunrise

Pine shrubs in Rila

Pine bushes

Hairy caterpillar

Some hairy caterpillar

Pirin seen from Rila mountain

View towards Pirin’s karst ridge

View towards Malyovitsa peak (2729 m)

Malyovitsa peak in the distance

A herd of wild goats

17 wild goats

Rila Lakes

Six of the Seven Rila Lakes

The patriarch of modern Bulgarian literature Ivan Vazov wrote a whole collection of poems called In the folds of Rila to honour his love and awe of the highest mountain on the Balkans. As he claims in the poem about the Rila monastery, “Now I’m at home”.

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